Archangel Michael Macrame Bracelet

Archangel Michael Macrame Bracelet

This bracelet is made with a large central flat 1 inch Lapiz Lazuli Gemstone, 6mm beads of Lapiz Lazuli, Mystic quartz, sterling silver wing charm, to bring forth the protective energies of Archangel Michael. 
Handwoven macrame satin cord that fits any teenager to adult size wrists. It has been super charged with his energy and the First Ascension Ray, The Blue Ray. 

Mineral info: 
Lapis Lazuli is a sodium aluminium silicate with sulphur, chlorine and hydroxyl, and variable inclusions of pyrite and white calcite. It has a hardness of 5 to 6. Lapis mostly comes from the West Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, with other deposits found in Chile and Russia. 

Mystic Quartz this is a natural quartz crystal which has been treated by bonding platinum onto it’s surface, creating beautiful permanent colours in all the shades of the rainbow which won’t rub or wash off. These particular beads come from Brazil. 


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of reflection and self knowledge. It activates the higher mind, psychic abilities and has traditionally been used to assist one in connecting with the angelic realm and invoking divine inspiration. Lapis helps to create a clearer perspective on ones life and assists with the identification of habits, patterns or lessons that may be blocking ones spiritual progress. It can uncover the karmic roots of illness and highlight where one might be self sabotaging ones healing. 

Mystic Quartz clears a pathway for life force to flow. It is energizing and balances all our chakras. It transmutes negative emotions, replacing them with joy. It also helps with activating and enhance our mental body. Mystic Quartz empowers us, making us more confident, self aware and focused.
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