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AA Rafael Healer's Bracelet (Small)

AA Rafael Healer's Bracelet (Small)

Archangel Rafael is the ultimate healer's assistant, he helps heal, protect and ground you during energy healing of self and others. This bracelet holds the energies of the healer Archangel Rafael and The Emerald Ray of Ascension. They are made on elastic band, stretching from 16cm to 21cm. One 1/2inch pendant, 6mm Malachite, 6mm Titanium Silver Quartz bead, and sterling silver wing and spacers. Charm shape and color will be different and unique per bracelet. Metaphysical info:Malachite will help you heal on a physical and emotional level, removing anything that’s making you feel toxic. By removing all the impurities, you bring in positive life force energy in both your physical body and luminous body. Malachite helps healers keep their intuition sharp. It has a grounding energy which helps with rationality and enhanced feelings of confidence. Malachite is also known as the Stone of Transformation. It will help you deal with the changes that came into your life assisting you with clear thinking and controlled emotions.Titanium Silver Quartz clears a pathway for life force to flow. It is energizing and balances all our chakras. It transmutes negative emotions, replacing them with joy. It also helps with activating and enhance our mental body. Titanium Silver Quartz empowered us making us more confident, self aware and focused.Mineral info:Banded Malachite is a copper mineral, with bands which makes it look like agate. Much of the mineral comes from mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Smaller amounts are produced in Australia, France and Arizona. These beads come from the Congo.Titanium Silver Quartz is a natural clear quartz crystal which has been treated by bonding titanium oxide onto it’s surface, creating beautiful permanent colours in all the shades of the rainbow which won’t rub or wash off. 
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