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Archangel Jophiel Christ Consciousness Bracelet (Large)

Archangel Jophiel Christ Consciousness Bracelet (Large)


Archangel Jophiel is the keeper of the yellow/golden ray of Christ Consciousness. This ray brings in the wisdom of creator and the ability to transmute negative energy into positive light. The wisdom of the keeper of the flame is passed into each bracelet so the wearer may benefit from foresight, hindsight, and the vast expansive vision of oneness which is only accomplished through the understanding that the divine lives within all of creation. Jophiel helps us balance ourselves and beautify our environment. We are then able to bring in joy, abundance, and optimism. This bracelet is made with 6mm Citrine and Sunstone beads with a sterling silver wing and spacers.

Metaphysical info:

Citrine’s yellow hues symbolize spiritual qualities of joy, beauty, balance, abundance, and transmutation. It is perfect for realigning your chakras. Citrine is a refreshing light energy that brings forth optimism for the future and present moment. It is also known as the Merchant’s Stone, due to its ability to bring forth quick monetary abundance. You can use it for transmutation and beautifying the energies in your home/environment.

Sunstone helps us believe in joy and happy endings. It inspires us to enjoy life and nature and reflect on our own beauty within. It helps with cleansing and balancing all Chakras to ensure we raise our vibration to allow miracles to manifest into our lives.


Size: Medium/ Large wrist 18cm to 20cm


Sefirot: Tiferet (Beauty/Glory)

Luminary: The Sun

Zodiac: Leo

Tarot Card: The Sun

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