AA Uriel Peace Bracelets

AA Uriel Peace Bracelets

Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Divine service, is the keeper of the Ruby Ray of ascension. The ruby ray is the ray of peace, attained only when we understand our dedication to humanitarianism and the truth of creator. He spreads peace, bringing us a sense of oneness with all of humanity. These bracelets bring the wearer inner peace, and a want to assist humanity with the ascension process.
This bracelet is made with 6mm Red Tiger’s eye, Titanium Silver Quartz, Rainbow Obsidian with sterling silver wing and spacers. 

Metaphysical info:

Red Tiger’s eye will inspire and motivate you to seek new opportunities for success and abundance. It’s a grounding and calming stone that will keep you relaxed even if you lead a very busy life. When you work with the energies of this stone, you will have peace, harmony wherever you go as it assist you in being assertive, confident and resolute with your chosen life path.

Titanium Silver Quartz clears a pathway for life force to flow. It is energizing and balances all our chakras. It transmutes negative emotions, replacing them with joy. It also helps with activating and enhance our mental body. Titanium Silver Quartz empowered us making us more confident, self aware and focused.

Rainbow Obsidian dissolves negative thoughts that come from your own inner dialogue or that are directed towards yourself. It is a wonderfully protective stone which assist you in protecting yourself from others negative vibes. It is also a very grounding and centering stone. It helps with rooting you into the center of the mother’s core.

Mineral Info:

Red Tiger’s Eye is also known as Dragon’s Eye, it belongs to the oxide mineral class and the quartz group. It has a trigonal crystal system, and the shine and shimmer that can be seen on the stone are created during its oxidation-formation process. Red Tiger’s Eye is found in South Africa, Namibia, India, Canada, Brazil, and the USA. These beads come from India.

Titanium Silver Quartz this is a natural quartz crystal which has been treated by bonding titanium oxide onto it’s surface, creating beautiful permanent colours in all the shades of the rainbow which won’t rub or wash off. Handle these crystals carefully as they can become brittle as a result of the process.

Rainbow Obsidian Is a stone formed by lava that didn’t have enough time to cool into glass. Rainbow Obsidian was highly valued in the ancient world for arrowheads and blades as they were easily able to be worked with, yet very durable. Obsidian was used by the ancients as mirrors. Obsidian can be found near volcanos which are usually near water. Obsidian can be found around the world. These particular beads come from Mexico.