Sacred White Sage (Salvia Apiana)

This aromatic sacred white sage has been cleared and integrated with traditional Toltec Shamanic purification ritual. You will receive 16 Grams of sacred white sage grown and harvested in California. For use in Smudge pots and shells. Use this sacred herb for clearing energy from yourself and home. This can also be used as an offering in ceremony. Examples on how to use this properly are given to you below.
For Room Smudging: When smudging per the Toltec tradition, we must always begin at the entry way or doorway and have a window open so the smoke can exit with any energy we are removing. We then go directly to our right side or counter clockwise, ensuring we smudge all corners of a room, closets, dresser drawers, underneath furniture, and move the smoke toward an open window. At the same time holding the intention to remove any energy which no longer serves you, your home or your family’s highest good. This should be done anytime you have visitors, conduct ceremony, after emotional difficulties, readings, healing sessions, and once a week to maintain your homes energetic integrity. 
For Self Smudging: Begin with “washing your face” with the smoke. Then move onto top of your head. Using a smudging feather, move the smoke onto your chakras, your back, arms and legs. Then place the smudge pot between your feet and hover one foot at a time over the smoke. This should be done after you wake up, and after any energetic sessions, readings, beginning of ceremonies and after any contact with others and the spirit world. Always have a window opened to allow smoke to exit.