Sacred Ritual Kit (3 inch cauldron)

Sacred Ritual Kit (3 inch cauldron)

This kit is made specifically to assist you in working with the potent lunar energies and sacred holy-days. With the influence of the goddess Hecate, I was able to gather all of these items to assist you in your celebration and manifestation rituals. You will receive the following tools 

1- Mini Potbelly Cast Iron Cauldron 
This will be used for your incense burning and offerings. If you wish to use water in this cauldron for later use, ensure you properly dress the inside with oil (olive oil, vegetable oil, etc) of your preference to avoid rusting. 

1- medicine wheel & manifesting abundance herb jar. This herb mixture is made with white sage to purify your sacred space. Cedar to protect your sacred space. Sweet grass to welcome in the good spirits and ancestors to assist you with your ceremony. Tobacco to give thanks to the good spirits and ancestors for their presence and assistance. Bay leaf to bring in the prosperity and abundance you so desire. Mayan gold copal to thank and welcome the old gods and new gods for their assistance in helping you make your dreams come true. Dragons blood to protect this work and to call upon Hecate for assistance in the magic work you will be doing. 

1- Jar of red Hawaiian salt to add into your cauldron for the charcoal to go on. This will help with reducing heat. Make sure to use heat safe gloves to move the cauldron or use the handle. 

2- charcoal disks to burn your sacred herb mixture. Make sure to light the charcoal using tongs or inside the cauldron. Do not pick up lit charcoal without using tongs or any heat resistant gloves. 

1- mini tea light manifestation candle with peridot (stone of luck and prosperity) and black tourmaline (grounding and protection).

1- goddess Hecate bracelet made with red Garnet, rainbow obsidian and sterling silver crescent moon charm. This bracelet will help you stabilize the energies of the moon and sacred holy-days you will be working with. The powerful Hecate will guide your words and energies toward the right direction. 

3- Tumbled magick stones 
These stones are rainbow moonstone to help you connect to the goddess energy of the moon. Red garnet to help you work with Hecate the goddess of magick and witchcraft. Gold obsidian to help you ground your work and bring in prosperity and protection.