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Starseed Candle

Starseed Candle


This 12oz cocosoy wax candle is scented with Citron and Mandarin fragrance oil. The intention of this Starseed candle is to assist you with integrating galactic energies and connecting to your starseed lineage. Use the rainbow aura obsidian star and Colombianite to help you connect with your galactic family.

This candle has 6 wicks so please make sure you do not leave it unattended. Make sure to place it over a heat safe surface while it's lit as the glass gets hot and can leave heat stains.

Colombianite is a rare specimen from the South American country of Colombia, it is found in the Valle de Cauca by the native tribes. In Colombia this stone is sacred to the native Muisca tribes and is called Piedra de Rayo (lightning stone). These are rare because they are the most ancient form of their species or final survivors and when they are gone they will be considered an extinct geological specimen.

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