Triple Goddess Bracelet (Medium)


This bracelet was created to assist women of all ages to hone in on and reintegrate their divine feminine energy within. This will help in tapping into the multifaceted energy of the triple goddess and bringing it into your daily life. The goddess reminds us of who we were, who we are, and who we will become. With the changing of the lunar cycles, we see her different faces. Understanding ourselves better through her, we will be able to manifest our truest desires into this reality. As women, creation is our power. Through our womb, we are portals between the spirit and the material. We can bring in both children and divine energies which have the power to transform this reality forever. 

Beads: Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst, and Rainbow Obsidian. With genuine Sterling Silver moon charms and spacer. 

Zodiac Signs: All 

Energy: Triple goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone) 

Rainbow Moonstone: Is a variety of Labradorite that exhibits flashy colors and rainbows. Rainbow Moonstone deposits can be found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Poland, and India. These particular beads are grade A and come from India. 

Amethyst: Is a well known mineral and gemstone. It is the purple variety of the mineral Quartz. Its name derives from the Greek "amethystos", which means "not drunken", in ancient times amethyst was thought to ward off drunkenness. These particular beads come from Brazil. 

Obsidian: Is a stone formed by lava that didn’t have enough time to cool into glass. Obsidian was highly valued in the ancient world for arrowheads and blades as they were easily able to be worked with, yet very durable. Obsidian was used by the ancients as mirrors. Obsidian can be found near volcanos which are usually near water. Obsidian can be found around the world. These particular beads come from Mexico. 

Metaphysical use: 
Rainbow Moonstone is a stone which activates and aligns all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely. It's a very soothing stone with vibrations full of calming and relaxing energy. This powerful crystal connects with one’s emotional body and current mental state. By helping keep your mind clear, you’ll notice the power of this mineral to raise your intuitive and intellectual vibes. This stone encourages you to take on new opportunities and be open to any new beginnings that may come your way. This beautiful stone assist us in tuning into the cycles of the moon so we may use each energy for our ritual and ceremonial practices. 

Amethyst is called the "all-healer", it is one of the most effective crystals for healing people, plants, and animals. Amethyst is especially supportive of the emotional body, bringing those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to center. It eases the mental anxieties that lead to physical tension and headaches and is a great crystal to calm those who tend to be hot-headed and easily angered.
Amethyst is connected to the Temperance card in the tarot, representing balance. It also provides the strength needed to obtain freedom from addictive personalities, one’s own or another’s. 

Rainbow Obsidian dissolves negative thoughts that come from your own inner dialogue or that are directed towards yourself. It is a wonderfully protective stone which assist you in protecting yourself from others negative vibes. It is also a very grounding and centring stone. It helps with rooting you into the center of the mother’s core.