Unconditional Love Candle


This is a wonderfully scented soy wax candle which will be a great ally with any of your love manifestation rituals. Made in traditional Toltec Shamanic Ceremony with beautiful Red Roses. The ceremony included traditional sacred white sage gifted to me by an Elder from the First Nations of Canada. I merged the plant spirits of each herb and essential oil with the wax to create these beautiful and bountiful candles. I also added wonderfully powerful celestial spirits such as Mercury, The Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Venus to assit you in honing into the Universal flow of Unconditinal love. I also integrated these energies within the beautiful strawberry quartz crystal.  

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Rose Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrhh Essential Oil, Pink Liquid Mica, Gold Mica Powder, Red Rose Petals, Strawberry Quartz Tumbled Stone. 



When conducting any sacred ritual or ceremony, we must first create a sacred space within us and around us. Please cleanse and clear your self and space with sacred plant medicines such as smudging with White Sage, Palo Santo or other herbs you may like. Then you must connect to your higherself through meditation and or breath work which will help you elevate your frenquency to a higher vibration. After, you should speak or write your intentions as if it has already manifested. I would begin with gratitude such as "Thank you so much Creator and Universe for this flow of unconditional love which is bringing me this (add person) into my life."  Then as you speak this you concentrate on the candle and visualize that which you want being created by its flame, and finally feel how it will be when you receive this. All three are important to do ask or say as if it happened already, visualize and feel the gratitude and emotion of it all. This is just a simple way to do it, you can always create your own spell work or affirmation. Hope this advice helps you all and hope you enjoy this very powerful candle.  

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