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Hello Everyone,

I am StariAri and my Divine Purpose here on Gaia is to help all people to come into a remembrance of their own Divine Wisdom, Purpose and Gifts. I do this through my readings, healing facilitation and teachings. We are all here for a divine purpose. If you have been lead to my site, then you have questions that need to be answered. I will lead you to the answers you are seeking by helping you build a better connection to the Divine within. I will teach you how to facilitate personal healings and readings so you may used these for your own Divine Business. Thank you for visiting, I hope the divine information I give you will help stimulate a remembrance of your very own unique Divine Life Purpose and Gifts.

Who is StariAri?

As a child I was considered a bit rebellious by my family and church when it came to religious dogma.  I knew the way I was raised within this religion left me with a lot of questions and not enough people willing to answer them. I was able to see things with my own eyes which other people couldn't. I would share this information with my parents and family members. I used to have very vivid dreams and was constantly guided through different realms of creation by an Ascended Master. As I grew older, my intuition was suppressed and I was no longer focusing on the divine. As a teenager, I was constantly searching for meaning and purpose, I was never truly happy with how my life was going. I fell into a deep depression and I did not enjoy the way I viewed myself and others around me. I knew I wanted a change and I needed to change within. A few years went by and I graduated high school in 2002. I attended College for a year, soon after, I decide I needed to just leave. I went through and found a few jobs, but nothing seemed to satisfy the emptiness I felt within.

In 2005, I decided eventually to join the US Military. I was so desperate to leave my life behind that I jumped at the opportunity to Travel, and meet new people. 

My military career began with several bumps and detours. I met many people which mirrored how I felt within. I also met many who uplifted and helped me along the way. 

In 2007, I began my spiritual journey, I practiced Mindfulness Meditation daily. I was a single mother of one and wanted to provide a positive life experience for my daughter. I knew that everything I have gone through required a deep and long review. I finally allowed myself to go back to the experiences I had as a child. Soon as I did this, within my meditations, I began to see a familiar face. My dreams become much more detailed and very informational. I was able to commune with my Ascended Master Guide I had when I was a child. He taught me a lot about myself and my mission. It was a lonely journey from the beginning, but eventually I met like minded individuals. In 2012, the energies shifted and one of my closest friends began her journey into her own divine remembrance. It was a very scary experience for her, so she came to me for guidance. I taught her what I knew to that point in my journey. She began to understand her own gifts and Divine purpose. After a few years we separated, as my military service required me to go to a foreign land. We still kept in contact and she discovered other teachers along the way. I continued with my own studies in metaphysical and esoteric wisdom. Being in the military, I was not able to share my insights or experiences so easily. I was glad that I could confide in my dear friend with all of it. After a rough year overseas, I was assigned to another location, but this time in Europe. This location activated my divine vision again, I was able to see the unseen with my own two eyes. When I would sleep, I could hear the beings asking me questions and feel them looking down at me. I would wake up and ask them to leave. It felt very intrusive at the time, then I recalled that this is how it was when I was a child for a brief moment. That year and a half in Europe was very enriching and I began to remember my own psychic gifts. I met the love of my life while working in Europe. He was so open to my own experiences in the metaphysical. He shared his own and gave me information about his personal Ascended Master guide. We had similar child hoods too, mirrored each others inner self. This is what people refer to as a Twin Flame. Our relationship was very much a remembrance, it feels like we were never truly separated through the years of our lives prior to meeting. I finally found my other half, my confidant and best friend. I told him about my mission and he remains very supportive. Before we met he decided that the military was no longer an option for him. He began the process of separating. After a year in Europe and meeting him, I decided that it would be a wise choice for me to separate as well. This was due to me wanting to have my daughter full time and my developing psych abilities, which were in many ways, pushing me to leave this closed off environment. We decided to leave and we were separated for a year due to legal issues. I was able to receive full custody of my daughter and after that year, we moved in with my Fiancee. I learned so much from my fiancee and I know that for now, his life path is to remain in his 3D career until he is ready to move forward on his divine mission. Not all twin flames need to do exactly what the other is doing. They can be support for the other until they decide to move into their own path. I do confide in him about what I do for my own unique mission. It took us both several years to accept each others paths completely. We both know that it takes unconditional love to keep our relationship going. This is a bit about my journey of remembrance, I hope to hear other peoples own unique journey too. We are here to be of service, to uplift  our fellow humans and to connect deeply into the Divinity within. We are ONE. Thank you for reading and visiting my site.

Sending you all so much love and light,


StariAri Toltec Shaman

Toltec Shaman Healer/Empath/Medium/Medical Intuitive


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