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Welcome To The Toltec Shaman Initiation Course Information Page

The Toci Healing Academy LLC presents the Toltec Shaman Initiation Course. This is a 12 month online course starting September 26th 2022 and ending with an in Person initiation from September 26th, 2023 to September 30th, 2023 at Mount Shasta, California. This course is opened to only 6 initiates. This course consist of the Ancient Toltec teachings, Western and Aztec Astrology, Energy healing techniques, working with spirit guides, (human, animals, elementals, angelic and galactic), intuition activities to enhance and or activate your gifts, learning about spiritual principles and ethics, creating and using your own ceremonial and ritual tools, using divination tools for your practice, learning how to self heal & assisting in healing others with sacred herbs and learning how to build your own spiritual business. You will also receive a free private zoom session each month. These private sessions are catered to your personal needs and what your spirit guides want to work on with you individually. ​

The online Courses will be held via Zoom at a bi-weekly basis. The Zoom lesson will be recorded and uploaded with a PDF (if applicable) on the Toci Healing Academy website within Teachable. You will receive a link to subscribe but first you must email me at to converse about the course and to hold your slot. 

Required: A non refundable down payment of $100 USD will hold your place. This will go towards your final payment in September 2023 which will only be $60 USD.

There is a monthly subscription of $160 USD which will be for 11 months. The monthly fees cover technology fees, guest teacher fees, sacred shamanic tool kit which you will receive in the mail, your ceremonial dress for the in person retreat. Retreat lodging, food, transportation pick up from airport to retreat and drop off from retreat to airport, sacred ceremonial tools and sacred plants you will be using during your stay. Make sure you let me know any dietary restrictions and or allergies you may have. You will need to pay for your air fare as this is not included in your monthly price. 

If you are a person who resides outside the US, your monthly fee will be based off your country's currency and you will need to pay for your own airfare as this will not be included in your monthly subscription. If you are outside of the US it is important to be up to date with traveling policies prior to signing up for this course as the in person initiation is important and cannot be missed. You will also need to learn about any travel visas which may be required for entry into the US. 

Legal Disclaimer Policies and Questionnaires: 

Please read my current legal disclaimer policies about this course which is found within this website. This covers any cancellation policies and refund policies. There is also a questionnaire which needs to be submitted via email, this questionnaire will ask you to disclose any mental health affiliated diagnosis and to disclose any allergies and health conditions you may have to help us accommodate you properly. The questionnaire is private and will be destroyed soon after I have read it. This is a necessary step to help you with your personal needs and to avoid harm to yourself as this course will ask you to really deepen your personal healing practice. 

My Story

StariAri Toltec Shaman

Is a Toltec Shaman Healer, medical intuitive, psychic medium and teacher. She is a descendant of curanderas (healers) from Mexico. Her journey began at a very young age as her great aunt and abuelita taught her how to use sacred plants to make curative medicines. They taught her how to conduct protection rituals and limpias (cleansing) for her home and self. She learned about smudging and using the elements to assist herself with balancing her own energies. She also learned how to interpret her dreams and understand the premonitions she had to better assist herself and those she saw within them. She is a natural medium and has always been able to see through the veil into the spirit world. She has a plethora of divine wisdom and knowledge to share, so come join her on the Toltec Shaman healing path. 

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All Videos

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Contact me if you are interested in this initiation course and if you desire to join. 

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