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Reoccurring Dream

My very first reoccurring dream I recall having when I was about 13 years old. I dreamed I was sitting in a crib looking up. I could hear my parents in the other room, and I could see my sister as she ran around gathering toys to play with. She looked like she was a toddler in my dream. I remember feeling safe as I held my yellow knitted blanket and sucked my thumb. In the dream I felt someone was watching me, so I looked up and seen a flash of light at the left side corner of the room. I stood up and looked over the crib to see what it was. I noticed my sister was still playing with her toys. I began to stare at it even more, it looked like it was flickering like a light bulb turning on and off. Then suddenly it moved across the room onto the right side corner. I kept watching it and I felt this very warm feeling within. I didn't know what I was looking at, so I just sat back down, didn't realize it, but I fell asleep. I started to dream within the dream, there was a old looking temple in the middle of space surrounded by Nebulas. The temple was similar to Greek style architecture with pure white pillars. Within the temple was a huge open walkway where I saw people walking back and forth. I recalled the way they looked, they all had very bright colored robes and looked like light was shining around them. A man approached wearing a blue Sherwani (traditional Indian long coat) and a golden Turban with a jewel in the middle of the forehead that shined bright as a ray of light. He approached me in silence, but I could hear him within my mind. He said, "Oh you should come with me, we are discussing some contracts." He held his hand out to me and I extended my own to grab it. We walked side by side holding hands and he smiled down at me. I felt I was still an infant. Then he asked me to sit in a hall way right outside of what looked like a rotunda with pillars which were draped with white silk. As I sat down and waited, I began to look at my hands, I noticed they were bigger than before. I started to look at what I was wearing too. I was wearing a long silk dress, it was blue with gold embellishments around the bottom and arms. I looked at a reflection of myself on the floor, the floor was a polished white stone. I could see that I had a golden light around me and what looked like a crown on my head. When I seen this I knew I was no longer an infant, but a grown woman. I heard my guides voice within my head again. He was waiting for me next to a small pillar which had a huge golden cup on top of it. I walked toward him and he bowed to me and asked me if I was ready, I nodded yes, then he picked the cup up and gave it to me. I looked at him and he nodded. I placed the cup to my lips and began to drink. As I drank I could see people sitting in between the pillars of the rotunda beyond the silky white curtains. They sat there as if they were conversing and or waiting for me to make my way toward them. They all wore white robes and there was light radiating from each one. My guide then took the cup from my hands when I finished drinking from it. He held my hand and Guided me toward the people who were within the rotunda waiting and sitting silently. I heard a voice speak within my mind. She said, "what is it that you have gathered for us." I began speaking, I was amazed at the words that were coming out. I was giving them information about earth, the people and the plan we were setting into motion. In my mind I was freaking out and asking myself questions about the words I was saying. I noticed my guide begin to move forward and he told me to quiet my thoughts. He then approached the people, he began to speak, he was explaining my training and my approach to my methods and my report. He then said, "I believe that her approach to this reality will be well received." Then after that was said, I suddenly woke up and I was in my own physical body. This dream happened another time when I was 22, then again at 25. I never understood what this dream meant.

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