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Divine Partnerships

A Divine Partner is a person we agreed to learn from and integrate parts of our self through lessons they bring. This person is here to help us grow within, to teach us things we have been denying or not acknowledging about ourselves. Their role is important in that the lessons they bring to us will help us evolve and remember who we truly are. These lessons will be challenging at times, but just imagine the rewards they will bring. The rewards outweigh the temporary discomfort we will have with these experiences. Understand that a Divine Partner is not only our teacher, but our student as well. We have information within us which will help them the same way. This relationship is based on mutual understanding, respect for self, our partner and understanding what Unconditional Love means.

We will find a Divine Partner within all romances we had and will have, as we learn the lessons we need to learn, which are, respect for self and others, breaking the cycles of unhealthy codependency and finally unconditional love and integration of all aspects of self.

Everyone has a Divine Partner who assist us along our path, it doesn't matter what we label it. All relationships we may have are Divine due to the direct connection we have with the Divine. Not one Divine Partnership is better than another. This is where the ego's lessons step into our realities, where the separation is clearly seen. When we label and categorize, we remain in that separation, which then shows up externally around us. This is why I rather call All romantic relationships, Divine Partnerships, because in the grand scheme of things, all twin flames, all soul mates are ONE.

The romantic relationships we had along the way, were at that point in our journey a Divine Partnership. I say this because we did love this person, we learned lessons about ourselves and we grew from it. We grew with each other, but there was what I refer to as an expiration date to the relationship, what I mean is, we cycled through the lessons we both needed to learn. This relationship was perfect at that time in our lives, because we were a different person working through different lessons and energies. Some people label these partnerships as Karmic Relationships. I personally don't like that label due to the negative connotation it has evolved into. It is not a good idea to judge others based on who they are currently engaging in a romantic relationship with, even if we think it is a "bad" one. So, I usually just advice others to let that relationship take it's course no matter what direction it goes. If someone is constantly putting us in a position where we are getting involved in their unique relationship, then we need to realize that we have a lesson to learn from this as well. It maybe a boundaries issue or a lesson in self respect, it could even be learning to allow others to grow on their own without us, lesson in breaking a codependency cycle. Whatever the lesson may be, understand that if we are in constant agony because the person in the relationship is complaining to us about it, then it's unhealthy for all involved. If we are choosing to remain that "rock" for this person because we are expecting something in return from them, then are we truly honoring them and ourselves? When we have expectations of others because we are giving them our attention, do we really think this will turn out as we imagine? From what I have seen, sometimes it will not be that fairy tale we have imagined, especially if we are doing more with them than just being emotionally supportive. It's all a huge lesson in self respect, self love and getting rid of that unhealthy fear of being alone. I have seen this constantly with those who are in the twin flame journey. Sometimes they do this as a lesson to get out of the cycle of fear of being alone. Often times it's because they have allowed others to influence them into believing this is how the Twin Flame experience should be. This is a lesson in understand the inner self better and to work with their own personal energies and unique journey to trust this process, for it is as it should be. I fell into that label too but my Divine Partner and I have not experience the level of pain others who are still in separation are going through. But it's everyone's unique lesson to learn, and i'm certain that these who are experiencing the pain of separation, will grow tremendously from it. With every romantic experiences we have throughout our life's journey, we must understand that this is all here to help us grow and integrate all aspects of self, which brings us closer to Ascension.

All that I have written is based on my personal life lessons and what I have been privy to and learning from others who are going through these experiences. I am here to uplift all and to share my lessons and guidance regarding this and more. If you are experiencing any of the above, then know that it is all just temporary, know that you are loved no matter what route you decide to take. It is all as it should be for the betterment of the self and the collective. So keep your head up, work through all the emotions and know that nothing is permanent, only your soul's evolution.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, I love you all and send you so much love and light!

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