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The Castle near the Sea

I had a dream earlier this year where I was sitting in what looked like a drawing room within a castle. I was sitting close to the window, it had crystals and gemstones lining the trim and huge thick tapestries adorning the great stone walls. It was a castle overlooking the sea, at the beach head I could see as the waves were crashing, I could smell the salty sea air. The ocean itself looked very clear, almost transparent with blue hues. I didn't realize it but there were 5 others with me. I heard someone speak to me on my right side, I turned to look. I seen a beautiful Asian woman with long flowing hair, down to her lower back, she was wearing a beautiful deep red silk dress which had her arms exposed, similar to a Ancient Greek dress, but without any straps on the shoulders. Her hair was adorned with flowers which looked like a crown. She spoke to me again and I heard her say, "Look the door is open." There was a big heavy wooden door which opened up to a hallway filled with candles. At that very moment when I notice the door, I heard shouting and what sounded like wind howling outside. I figured a storm was approaching, but when I peaked out the window, I saw these huge triangular looking vehicles coming from the ocean. I felt like I recognized the vehicles. Then several silver disk-like aircraft come down from the sky and attached to the side of the triangular vehicles. I could see that there was a pattern on the silver disk which looked like the flower of life. As I looked on, I could see who was piloting these strange vehicles. They were tall Men and Women, some with blonde hair others with darker hair, but all wearing a blue skin tight body suit. It looked like those tight surf suits, but these were adorn with gold and silver. They all had smiles on their faces. They gathered around and talked among each other. I turned back around and realized that the location we were in was like a waiting area. The door was wide open, but we couldn't see anyone else around there. I was the first to walk out of there. I walked onto a huge stone hallway with steps leading upwards on my right. I saw there were several candles hanging about the walls. I grabbed a golden candelabra. I saw that it wasn't lit, so I attempted to light it. I said out loud, "LIGHT!" but nothing happened. The others looked at me confused and concerned so I tried again, I said, "LIGHT!" Then, two out of three of the candles lit right up. I was perplexed, I looked at the candle which didn't lit, and then one of my companions told me, "Well maybe the wick is faulty." So I checked the candle wick and but it looked perfectly fine. Then something within me told me something was preventing me from doing this. I decide to go up the staircase to the right. As I walked up, my companions followed. I told them, "Something is interfering with our energy, we must find the cause of it." We walked up toward a Great Hall. It was large and had several tables positioned in a square shape. There were people sitting there dining, they didn't even acknowledge we were there. Another of my companions stated, "I believe they are not able to see us." I agreed with that statement and it made me look around. I could feel that there was something there preventing them from seeing us and us from using our energies. Within the middle of the tables was a big golden chest. It was decorated with gemstones and crystals. I could see strange markings all around it. I didn't understand the language, but I instantly knew what it was. This was the object which was preventing us from tapping into our energies, preventing the others fro seeing me and my companions. So I rushed toward it, I went to remove the top part, but it was sealed shut. I noticed two masks on top, they looked like faces with ruby eyes. I remove the right one and started to dig inside of the chest. It was mechanical, it had gears and wires with crystals attached as a power source. I started to remove the gears, and the crystals, I ripped up the wires and started to throw them out of the nearest window. As soon as I did this, the people sitting at the tables began to see me and my companions. They were so confused as to what was going on, unaware of why they were there. Then I tested out my energies, I said "Light!" I lit all the candles in the Great Hall. Suddenly, to my left I saw a huge ball of violet fire, there was a figure within it, a man. He spoke to me, "Well done, now you need to remember there are others waiting outside the great hall, on the beach head." I replied and thanked him for the encouragement. I told him if he should be willing, I would help bring him into this realm. He just smiled and said, "Not this time, but ill send you someone who will." That was the end of it, I woke up feeling very much alive and energized because I knew what this all meant for me.

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