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Lower Vibrational Beings

For centuries human beings have been telling stories of other worldly beings who are more or less lower vibrational in nature. We look back at history and from the Americas to South East Asia, there are many beings which our human ancestors have encountered. Why do we need to know about these beings? In truth, we are co-creators of our reality, at times our thoughts, emotions and our actions can create a frequency which manifest into a lesson. These lessons can take different forms, some are interactions between our-self and someone else, which plays out based on the energy that it has been given. Sometimes it can be an actual being coming into our awareness when we have decided not to deal with these lessons. Nothing in life comes to us without a purpose or reason. We must always remember to question ourselves when we are encountering any lower vibrational beings. We should ask ourselves what is the purpose of their presence, what are they here to show us, and what is it that we must understand regarding this interaction/encounter. How we feel or react to these encounters will teach us greatly about the inner dialog we have, any programming we are still adhering to, and any irrational fears we still hold within. The truth will come when we begin to question all things within ourselves and creation.

I personally will admit that I was once this way, where all lower vibrational energies and beings made me fall into fear. It has taken me a great time to understand the patterns these beings were living within, the lessons they were showing me about my own inner reservations, emotions, and thought forms. We create what we see, feel, hear and learn. Soon as I saw this, and questioned myself, it truly helped me dive deeply into the realization that we are all One Source. It is hard for us sometimes to understand this, when we want so badly to have a clear cut line in the sand of "us against them," "Good vs Evil" this is all a fantasy we create where we are the protagonists and they are the antagonists. Where they show up and do something we deem evil or wrong, and we come in with guns or swords blazing and put an end to them once and for all. But we need to reflect as to why we have this want to separate and place the Oneness of all creation of Source Energy into categories.

We must understand that within all of creation there lies two energies intermingled as one, the Masculine and Feminine. Understanding how to balance these two is one of the reasons why there are these creations. Another reason is to help us seek and finally see the light of Source Energy within ourselves and others. These creations may give you a glimpse into how the souls looks when it denies it's inner light and the light within all. These creations will show you the location on a path the soul finds itself when it forgets it's Source of creation, when it forgets it's light and most of all it's love. We can not fight fire with fire, let alone lower vibrations with lower vibrations. This is why choosing to understand and to hold fast within our truth and divine power as we send them love and light is the best method in beginning the healing process for all. Taking accountability of ourselves, our actions, thoughts and words is how we decide to learn lesson compassionately without being assisted by lower vibrational creations. But of course like we are created with a purpose, so are they. We exist and have every right to exist and so do they because all creation has a task or job to do, whether any of us are aware of it or not. So find the root cause within yourself of why these beings are appearing, understand it, heal it, forgive it and move on in love and light.

Thank you all for reading my post, please note that this is my own personal experience and divine information from my higher self that i'm sharing, you don't have to agree with me, you hold your own truth internally, so connect with yourself and explore it.

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