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Integration and The Oneness

What does it mean to be one with all? What is the reason for this? When we decided to come into this physical reality, we agreed to walk through the Veils of Illusion. The veils of illusion help us integrate our energies onto this physical reality. They do this by giving us the illusion of separation, which is our starting point in the Remembrance Journey. The illusion of separation is physically seen within our own personal physical vessels. Our vessels or physical bodies are a house where our soul or energies live while we are here. This physical vessel, though it seems separate from other physical vessels, helps us ground into this reality further. This is how we begin to live in this reality, this earth is a school house for the soul, it is necessary to do this work, this is why we must be fulling submerged into it. Many souls come here to understand the Oneness and expand this truth through all the lessons they learn and grow from and with. All beings in creation are connected, all creation is One Source. We all travel through our own unique paths and life lessons to recall this truth. The way we live our lives, the struggles and success we perceive is all a part of this Remembrance Process. The Remembrance Process is what people like to call the "Awakening." I personally do not like using this term because it seems to indicate that at one point in time we were "asleep" or unaware. When in truth within our own journey, we have never been asleep. Not one being on this physical reality is truly "asleep." This is because with every thing we do, we are driven by an unseen force toward integration of all energy of Oneness. It was never hidden from us, it is and always will be within us all. No matter what it looks like for each individual, the Remembrance Process will lead All of us toward Ascension. Ascension is integration of All there is and ever will be, it is One Source. This includes the integration of all energies, vibrations and beings.

When we recall our connections to one another and beyond, we begin to integrate this for All. This is when we know the truth of the Oneness, when we see beyond the Veils of Illusion. When we remember who we are, and that is The I AM THAT I AM, this is ONE SOURCE ENERGY. This is who we all are and who we come from. Source energy has multiplied itself to understand itself better thorough all of creation. So all realities count, all personal truths are just that TRUTH. There is no right or wrong, just integration of all minds, bodies, experiences, philosophies, and energies whether it they are dark or light. This is the balancing of the Masculine and Feminine, Jing and Jang, the balance of polarities, this is Equilibrium, this is ONENESS. This is why all we do, feel, see, think about matters. It is one piece of the Universal Truth puzzle. So all souls and all beings are important for the Ascension process. Not one creation is left out, no one is left behind, eventually all are reintegrated, eventually we go back into the One Source. The path that we walk is unique and with this I say, Thank you to all who I walk with, thank you to all whom I learn from, thank you for you being you. I love you.

This is my personal experience and point of view on my own unique journey, it's ok if you don't see things my way, your truth is yours and no one can take that away. Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you all.

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