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Shadow Work: What the Soul needs for Evolution

What is Shadow Work? Shadow Work is aspects of self that remain hidden within the deepest depths of the soul. Shadow Work comprises of any negative experience, thought, and emotion that has not been worked through. It is all the intolerance, ignorance, fear, resentment and anger which we feel toward our self or others. We have either felt these lower emotions in a situation with another person, or witnessed it through an interaction between people. We have done one of two things, we either took action against someone or we remained silent and buried those emotions within. Shadow Work helps us explore the extent of our lower emotions, it helps us look within an resolve them. At times, it may seem like this is something we can live without doing, like we're not going to deal with that today, maybe tomorrow or next year, haha. There are times were this may be something we are not ready for, but eventually we will have to face our inner self.

Sometimes people go about their lives, thinking they have not wronged anyone. All that we do, every thought, action, word spoken has an energetic signature, and this energy will continue to grow and eventually transform into the thing it was created to be. This goes back to why we must always be mindful of what we think, say and actions we take. We are co-creators within this plane of existence. If we think it, it will reflect itself back to us through a person and or situation. Shadow Work will be unique to every single individual. It'll manifest itself into situations, or people, they will come because our higher self is asking us to deal with any unsolved issues and lower emotions. This is for the betterment and expansion of our souls, for our highest and best. Shadow Work teaches us to review everything we do not agree with about our selves, which is understanding the root cause of these feelings. This will bring to light events and people that we will need to forgive eventually. Forgiveness is important, it helps to acknowledge our lower emotions which may be holding us back from self love and happiness within. When we are ready, Shadow work will help us free ourselves of all the negativity we have held within. We can do this by reviewing all the situations with people we had issues or negative interactions with. We will begin to transmute/release these energies, then eventually forgive our self and others. To understand that these events that transpired were all lesson in the expansion and integration of the soul. To remember our wholeness and our connection to the One Source of all creation, to recall the Oneness.

Shadow work is not easy but nothing in life worth having is. The Remembrance Process is a beautiful and powerful Journey. Thank you for reading my blog, I love you all, We are One.

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