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The Law of One and being mindful of Ascension misinformation

As we step even further into this new year of 2018, we begin to see a lot of what may be deemed "evidence" of duality in our society and within ourselves. We should understand that this is not to cause disharmony within, no, it is meant to propel us into the truth of what the Christ Consciousness is, what Source is and what we are. I am one of many who do not believe in leaving any of our brothers and sisters behind in a "split timeline." When we read articles and listen to others who have these "visions" we should sit and ask ourselves, how do we feel about what we are reading and or hearing? I do not agree with these notions of separation, I will never agree with anything that causes fear of how ascension will look. I ask myself why do others receive these messages of only a few will ascend and the rest will be left to suffer. I do not think these are messages that are coming from a beings who are in the truth of the Law of One. I believe these ideas are being implanted or seeded into the mass consciousness through beings still living in the state of duality. Nothing about ascension should be feared or be made only for some and not for all. We are all apart of Source energy, we are here on Gaia to experience duality, learn of it and then find the truth of the Oneness within.

So I ask my brothers and sisters out there who are reading this, to analyze your thoughts and feelings of what you are reading and hearing daily. Do the words make you feel uneasy, do they create a feeling of sadness or do they make you fear. If the answer is yes to one or all, then continue to analyse and find your own truth within which is going to be the truth of The Law of One. Jesus is one of my Ascended Master Guides and I have been working diligently with him to find my own truth within and seek to understand what I am to do with the philosophies I may hold that are not in alignment with The Law of One. He has been guiding me and asking me to question what feelings I receive when I read or hear any other information that is not coming directly from my higher self, him and other guides. This is how I am able to help myself transform and expand my awareness of myself and the truth of the Oneness within me. I hope this helps everyone who reads this ignite the flame of truth within and empower all to stand in the truth of The Law of One.

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