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6/30/18 Approx 22:33

I often have various visitors usually prior to sleep. I always scrutinize those who wish to come forth without my calling them in. This night I saw within my room 7 portals with swirling galaxies around the perimeter of my side of the bed. While my fiancée was sleeping, I got up and went to the living room, I called in my guides and asked what that was about. I heard Archangel Michael tell me that I should seek to understand who these visitors were. I do argue a bit with my guides, especially when I am bothered by visitors when I am trying to sleep. AA Michael simply repeated that I should address my visitors. So, I did. I usually ask three questions to any being who wishes to interact with me, to ensure I am not being manipulated or lied to. I asked my questions and got my answers. I began to ask them why they were here. I mentioned to them that it is night time here, and I usually like to sleep. They began to speak, they explained that my futureself sent them to bring me to a location they cannot disclose. That if I was willing to go with them, then I should go back to my chambers and lay down. I called on my future self, as I have met with her before. She explained that there really isn’t much to explain here, that I should consider coming if I wanted more answers. I agreed, I went back to bed and laid down.

Soon as I did this the Portals changed shape. They became clearer and were humanoid in body structure, I was unable to see their faces, but I saw their hands as they began to scan me. They placed their palms a few inches above my heart space and began to move it down toward the left side of my chest. It felt like they had magnets in their palms, I felt energy moving within me as they moved their hands. They went toward my solar plexus to the left. I felt energy being pulled out like a magnet again. Then they move toward my sacral but closer to my kidneys, again the magnetic pulling. They continued toward my ovaries, uterus, right side ovaries, kidney and liver. By this time, I was already going Astral. They ended at the location they began within my Heart Space. I was out of body and watching them, one of them escorted me toward a portal.

On the other side I saw I was within some sort of Space Station. I know this because of the vastness of it. The visitors then asked me to make my way toward a line of others a few feet in front of me. I made my way toward the line of other humanoids, as I walked along the vast corridor, I could see windows that showed me glimpse of the stars and moons we were near. I still didn’t quite know the location, so I thought maybe I can ask while I’m in line. There was a huge meeting area where this line was forming. I heard someone next to me say, “Oh you made it! Here, I got your key and the information you will need for the briefing and flight training.” I looked up and it was my dear friend Tina, but she did not look like her earth self, I just knew it was here because I know how her Higher self looks like. I took the items and they were these light weight, transparent, small glass looking items. I touched the glass surface and up popped my information with a photo of me (No I didn’t look like my earth self). I saw my higher self in her uniform and typical gold energy. The writing on the interface was Sirian text, it explained who I was and what specific job I had within the Space Station. It had another symbol to show the location where I came from. Both myself and Tina had similar duties, except her location was different than my own, which I already know. She told me that after I had to bring a packet with me to the training facility for my flight training. She explained how easy it was and that she knows I would do great. Then she told me that she would see me at the briefing and left.

I decide to follow her since I was not certain where this briefing was going to take place. As I walked hurried to catch up to her, another friend showed up and told me that I needed to come with her for my flight training first. This was my friend Andrea, she looked like her higherself, but I knew who she was energetically. She told me that she just finished her training and that she was asked to find me to complete my own prior to the briefing. I followed her, and I asked her what I should expect. She explained how they had simulations and then the real test. Then she said that since I already knew how to fly that specific craft, I would just be retaking the flight test. I was a bit unnerved because in many of my Astral Travels, I still retain my 3D self-awareness. I told myself “hush, do not doubt and trust that you will know what to do when you are doing it!” It usually happens that way with me, I just do it, hahaha. So, I am taken to this huge area where I can see a crystal dome that is opening to crafts.

I am told that all I need to do is just find the model I am doing the flight test in. I figured I would know when I see it, so I continue down into the lower floors where the crafts are kept. I see one that looks vaguely familiar to me, its like a triangular shape one with dark material all around it but etched within it is reflective pattern and what looks like as codes. I step inside through the rear. I see several beings who looked humanoid within it and they greet me. They tell me the craft is ready and has been modified to my specifications. Then they step out and tell me I can start when I am ready. I place my hands over what seems to be a clear glass with coding over it, the coding start to glow a red tint with gold. I begin to think about moving the craft up, and it does it. I begin to think to move the craft toward to top of the dome and it goes up and up until I am outside of the space station. I start to laugh hard because again I can still recall my 3D self. Then I head toward a location that is indicated within the glass which is a moon. I think, and the craft moves toward the location. Then the point on the glass map changes and I move to another location indicated which is near a cluster of meteorites, I maneuver my way through it and then I have an alert indicating that I need to speed up, so I initiate engine speed to increase. The entire time I am busy trying to go as fast as I am told to, then I end up turning the craft toward the Dome. I was able to end my training at an appropriate time and speed.

I come out of the craft and Andrea is there congratulating me on passing. Then she tells me we must head inside and make our way toward to location of the briefing. I follow her toward what looked like an elevator shaft, but it ends up being a light speed transportation station. She explains that the briefing is on another side and level of the space station, so we must make haste and we should use the station. I get in with her and soon as I see for not even a split second like particles of golden light and one blink of my eyes, we are at the location. She makes her way toward a set of meeting halls, then we walk into one with like at least 100 or so other humanoid beings. There are two seats in the very front area which looked like a half circle facing the others who were sitting in the meeting. I sit next to Andrea and the briefing begins with a sort of roll call. Tina is heading that roll call, adding within a clear glass looking tablet who are attending and specific jobs and locations. The she sits as soon as she is finished.

The first speaker steps up and it is my other friend Emmie! She of course looks like her higher self and beings to projects a holographic map of what looks like a star system in to the middle of the room. She explains a plan pointing at specific locations on the hologram map. As I sit there wondering what I am looking at, I hear a voice to my left state that he volunteers to lead one of the groups to a specific location. Emmie thanks him and gives him information for his mission. I take a closer look at the man who spoke up and I see that it is one of my other friends Jax, I didn’t recognize him because he looked much older than his 3D self. Emmie continues, and I become curious to see who is sitting in this half circle location with me, I recognize 6 out of the 12 humanoids. The rest look familiar, but I feel I have not met them here in the 3D yet. As I sit there I become aware that I oversee a team going on a mission to one of these locations on the map. I am given the information on my glass looking device Tina gave me earlier. I open it up and see it is written out in Sirian. I notice I have several hundred beings under my command. Which then, I scroll through the list of names and I see that it is a mixture of beings from different Constellations, to include the Triangulum Galaxy. I pause when I see this word, and I can see how these beings look like, I realize that it was the visitors who came to me this night before I came here. Soon as I realize this I am back in my body. I sit up in my bed and I call them in, I ask them if that was the only thing they needed to show me, they explain for now yes. I thank them, and my others guides for the information I saw and received and soon I know that this will be revealed in detail to all humans on Gaia. Until then, I wish you all the best and hope you can tap into similar locations as I was given permission to see.

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