Daily Transits April 2, 2021

Today the moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius opposition to Mars and squares Neptune will bring energies of volatility and disorientation. We are asked to be mindful of any issues we may have with boundaries, rules, avoiding conflict and escapism. On a positive note, the moon transit in Sagittarius will provide us with optimistic energy which we can use to expand our minds and intellectual pursuits.

The moon’s phase is waning or last quarter moon. It is said that during this lunar phase one must conduct several readjustment when it comes to projects, future events, beliefs, spirituality, career and manifestations. One might begin to have a crisis of consciousness with this energy. Old beliefs are perceived to have no value or become outdated and useless. Those born under the influence of this moon phase are seen as quiet, contemplative, dreamers, escaping reality and retreating into themselves or hermits. This is due to a need for reevaluation of their internal drives, beliefs, and perceptions of the external world. It is a need to evolve which drives them to seek solitude and understanding of their souls truth and purpose. They require time and space to find themselves. If they feel pressured to change or to conform to societal norms, they may become rebellious. As children, they seek solitude and rest. They become more aware of the spirit world through dreaming and astral projection. Here is where they solve any issues and bridge the worlds of conscious-subconscious-unconsciousness. They may grow up to become wise teachers of the mysteries, grow interests in learning about the occult and shamanic healing.

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