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Daily Transits April 3, 2021

@8:14am EST

Sun in Aries Sexitles North Node in Gemini

These energies are perfect for communications coming in regarding your destiny. It is time to take proper action with any plans which will lead you down the road towards your soul’s destiny.


Venus cojoins Ceres in Aries

These loving and nurturing energies are supporting the need to balance and integrate them within ourselves. Venus wants us to enjoy life to the fullest and Ceres will allow us to still take care of any priorities while doing so. Both are in Aries, which help us take action in a lovin and compassionate way to balance these energies within our lives.


Mercury moves out of watery Pisces into fiery Aries

Mercury in Aries is direct, action oriented and ready to speak some hard truths. The energy can become self oriented, aggressive, and difficult with any form of communication. We must ensure we are mindful when we express ourselves to avoid becoming combative and offensive.


Jupiter in Aquarius sextiles Juno in Sagittarius

These two energies bring us growth and harmony in relationships. Jupiter and Juno are husband and wife. Aquarius and Sagittarius are both freedom loving, they teach us to be respectful and understanding of our partners' need for independence, while seeking out our own.


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